Friday, September 4

recipe friday


Cover with water and bring to a boil in a Dutch oven:
3 lb beef brisket

1 chopped onion
2 cloves minced garlic
6 potatoes, quartered
½ tsp salt
6 peppercorns
8 T butter
Pinch of baking soda
1 small head cabbage, quartered

Simmer ½ hour per pound of meat.

Let sit 45 minutes and carve

Wednesday, September 2

quick tip: wide tooth comb

Use one to unsnarl tangled fringe on an area rug. As with your hair, start at the tips and work in, to avoid making a bigger knot.

Monday, August 31

monday at the beach

When warm weather arrives, my mind and soul wander off to the beach. (Unfortunately, my body doesn't always get a chance to go) Whether it’s New England or the Gulf coast, I am physically and emotionally drawn to sand and surf.

So welcome to my new blog series…
‘Monday at the Beach’
Let’s go...

Cape Cod Charmer

Warm Gathering Space

The family room features a charmingly rustic vibe, thanks to its white painted wooden ceiling and walls and mix-and-match furnishings.

Breezy Kitchen

The previously cramped kitchen is opened up to allow for entertaining.

Light-Filled Retreat

In the bedroom, the darker wood furnishings and accessories pop against the light, exposed walls.

Open-Air Office

The office loft is the perfect place to enjoy the scenery, a cup of coffee, or even the occasional bit of paperwork.
What do you think of this cute little cottage?
Is it move-in ready for you?

Many thanks go to my friends at Coastal Living for their help with this.

Sunday, August 30

church on sunday

Whether a church is
simple or ornate, large or small,
old or new, wooden or stone...
it is most likely always a beautiful site to behold.

Today, I share this beautiful image of a church with you
in hopes that it brings
a little peace, a little joy
and a lot of love.

Lord, as I walk through this World,
Let Your Grace Light my Path,
Your Mercy Shelter my Soul
and Your Love Heal my Heart.